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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

1:1 Coaching for Teens and Young Adults

DBT Coaching for Teens and Young Adults


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based therapy that will help you/your loved one build coping skills in 1) mindfulness, 2) interpersonal effectiveness, 3) emotion regulation, and 4) distress tolerance. Participating in Bluebird's 1:1 DBT Coaching Program will help you/your loved one learn science-based strategies to:  

  • Regulate emotions and behaviors

  • Experience enhanced mood 

  • Have improved relationships

  • Have a plan in place to manage risky behaviors, such as substance use, suicidality, and self-harm

  • Learn effective problem solving and communication strategies that will you/your loved one for a lifetime


The Bluebird 1:1 DBT Coaching Program is led by experts in teen and young adult mental health and wellbeing. Coaching sessions are conducted online and participation will involve: 

  • 1x 60-minute intake session with parents to learn more about child's psychosocial and medical history so that program content can be tailored to their specific needs. 

  • Weekly one-on-one 50-minute DBT coaching sessions with your teen/young adult. The typical duration of DBT coaching is 3-6 months. Session frequency may increase based on your loved one's specific needs. 

  • 1x monthly DBT coaching for caregivers--so you can learn more about your child's DBT coping skills and how you can help support them at home.

  • Whole family DBT sessions may be incorporated based on your family's treatment goals.


Please note: Parent/family involvement is optional for those ages 18 years and up

Importantly, our team will be in active communication with your/your loved one's mental health team (e.g., psychiatrist, therapist, primary care doctor) to share what they have learned in 1:1 DBT Coaching and to ensure continuity of care. 

DBT coaching is a good fit for teens and young adults struggling with:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety and panic

  • Anger

  • Peer conflict

  • Impulsivity

  • Risky behaviors 

  • Family communication challenges

We welcome participants who are new to DBT and those who have prior experience with individual or group DBT. Eligibility for DBT coaching: 1) all participants in DBT coaching at Bluebird Child & Family Psychology must have an individual therapist outside of DBT coaching (therapist does not have to be @Bluebird); 2) if the participant is a minor, parent/s must be available to attend parent DBT Coaching sessions . 

Common Questions

How Does DBT Coaching Differ from Typical Therapy? 

​DBT coaching is a highly structured and applied experience that involves learning new skills on a weekly basis, practicing new skills between appointments "homework", and reviewing/problem-solving that practice. We often say that DBT Coaching feels a bit more like taking a class, as opposed to traditional therapy.


Why Does My Child Need a Primary Therapist in Addition to Their DBT Coach

We ask that all patients have a primary therapist while they are engaged in the DBT Coaching Program. Because DBT Coaching is based on structured content, processing and managing daily occurrences in your teen/young adult's life is better addressed by their primary therapist. 

Should My Child Do a DBT Group or 1:1 Coaching?  

DBT skills can be presented in both group and 1:1 coaching formats. Importantly, both modalities allow your loved one to develop an incredible evidence-based coping skillset that will serve them for a lifetime.


Families engaged in Bluebird's DBT Program prefer 1:1 coaching as it ensures personalized attention to your loved one's specific needs. This allows your child to move through the program at their own pace--they are able to spend extra time on concepts and skills that are tricky for them and breeze through concepts and skills that they have already mastered. We also know that some teens and young adults feel highly uncomfortable in group settings or around other peers, but still wish to have access to DBT strategies. 


Enrollment Information

To reserve your loved one's spot in the Bluebird 1:1 DBT Coaching Program, complete our online Contact Form


Please note, our clinic does not accept insurance for DBT coaching. We would be happy to provide a "superbill" that you can submit to your healthcare insurance for reimbursement, more information on out-of-network care can be found here

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